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Hong Kong stock hot spot | cultural communication M & a brain imitating technology soared by 29.

Issuing time:2021-06-03 14:21


Culturecom ( announced on June 3 that it plans to acquire all the shares of brain imitation technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a domestic AI company, for HK $63 million. The market responded, and its share price soared by 29.55% to HK $0.57, a new high for more than three years.

The announcement stated that Wenhua Chuanxin will pay for the acquisition target by issuing and distributing consideration shares. 191million consideration shares will be issued at about HK $0.33 per share, at a discount of about 25% from the closing price of HK $0.44 before the suspension, and the consideration shares are equivalent to about 10.27% of the expanded share capital of the company.

Public information shows that brain imitation technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of Chinese AI language processing, Chinese natural language understanding and Chinese AI underlying technology. The brain imitation IOT intelligent operating system developed by it is the world's first human-computer interaction AI language operating system capable of covering the whole scene of AI. It is mainly used in the field of human-computer interaction language semantic understanding. Through this system, It can make IOT terminal devices have the ability to understand human language, so as to break the industry dilemma of "no understanding and no intelligence" of robots.

Inferred from the stock price trend, capital continues to be optimistic about AI, China smart manufacturing, industry 4.0 and other directions, constantly releasing new vitality of the market. The industry predicts that by 2045, more than 100 billion IOT devices will be connected, including mobile devices, wearable devices, household appliances, medical devices, industrial detectors, surveillance cameras, cars, IOT clothing, etc. Among the three technologies of Internet of things, big data analysis and artificial intelligence, a huge intelligent machine network will be created to reduce manual intervention under the brain like IOT intelligent operating system, so as to realize a huge amount of business value.

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