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Relying on the independent core patent technology, Chinese input processing, understanding process, and response output use the unique Chinese character genetic characteristics, so that all kinds of digital receiving devices can imitate the human brain's real-time, on-the-spot understanding, analysis, thinking and processing of the input language and text, and make the language and text response like a human being. Therefore, the response has expressions, feelings, body language, actions, images, animation, etc., with common sense and high intelligent professional knowledge, so that animation characters can think and respond like real people.
Let anime characters think and respond like real people
Application scenario 1
Endow the characters in the virtual world with the ability of Intelligent Interaction
Virtual characters in the empowered virtual world, including non players (NPC) and players (PC), and real people and their avatars, naturally interact with each other in language, words, body movements, expressions, images, conscious and intelligent interaction.
Application scenario 2
Create and release IP personas with artificial intelligence NFT
Make IP characters real, create and distribute AI value-added NFTs such as IP character NFTs and short game NFTs with artificial intelligence. Give NFT more social attributes and interactivity, so as to improve the added value of its distribution.
Application scenario 3
Give animation film and television characters intelligent and realistic language and interaction
When making various animated films, TV dramas, short videos and other digital content works, its characters are endowed with intelligent language, expression, action, body language expression and performance ability.
Application scenario 4
Improve the realistic experience of human-computer interaction
In all online and offline human-computer interaction scenes, players / users will experience an unprecedented and highly realistic combination of virtual and real experience.
Advantageous resources
A large number of comic copyright resources
As the earliest listed animation enterprise in Hong Kong and one of the richest comic content suppliers in Asia, cultural communication group has a comic business history of more than 40 years and has nearly 200 comic book copyrights. Relying on the core patented technology of brain imitating Chinese AI, the group has launched a huge animation IP activation plan to inject new scientific and technological elements into these classic works and glow with vitality.
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