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Imitation Brain Chinese-AI
Feilong code, an independent patented technology of brain imitating Chinese AI, is the world's first AI computer code. It is the key technology of Chinese digital infrastructure. It enables robots to have the characteristics of "concept, attribute and classification", understand concepts, understand, think and judge, and respond, so as to break the retrieval dilemma that traditional AI relies on a large number of databases to achieve real brain imitating intelligence. It is an extremely important innovation in the field of robot brain imitation technology and a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence science.
Proprietary intellectual property Chinese technology underlying technology.
Let the machine understand, think and respond.

Based on understanding and response, provide brain like Chinese AI base for AI operating system
In 1976, Zhu Bangfu mingcangjie code and completed the digitization of Chinese AI In 2000, the Chinese 2000linux operating system was developed in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences In 2004, it acquired the Midori Linux platform founded by Linux In 2005, it acquired CPU core technology Crusoe from quanmeida In 2021, Feilong code was launched to build the foundation for the Chinese artificial intelligence operating system (AI OS)
Origin of Technology: Zhu Bangfu, father of Chinese computer
Zhu Bangfu, father of Chinese computer
Brief description of technical principle:
1. Input Chinese character string
2. Convert to Cangjie  code
Convert to concept code
Chinese processing
Word analysis
Sentence analysis

Basic concept base

Application concept base

Personal database

Total knowledge base

Common sentence pattern library

1. Respond with voice / text or executive function (with graphic parameters of expression / body language and other related actions)
2. Semantic understanding, output understanding parameters.
Chinese AI Digitalization

Let the machine understand, think and respond

·In 1976, Zhu Bang relapsed into Ming Cangjie code (Cangjie input method) and realized Chinese AI digital infrastructure (computers began to be compatible with Chinese and recognize Chinese);

·In 1980, Zhu Bangfu and Acer launched the world's first Chinese computer, which was called "the father of Chinese computers" by China;

·In 1981, he developed a Chinese terminal and invented a Chinese card, which greatly reduced the cost of computer processing Chinese, and successively developed the "Chinese star" system in the United States;

·In 2000, he cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop the Chinese 2000linux system; Research and development of Feilong chip in 2003;

·In 2004, it acquired the Midori Linux platform founded by Linux;

·In 2005, Zhu Bangfu led the cultural communication to acquire Crusoe core processor technology from quanmeida, a famous chip manufacturer in the United States. He is the first Chinese company to challenge the transfer of CPU core technology in the United States;

·In June 2021, Wenhua Chuanxin ( acquired brain imitating technology. In conjunction with years of Chinese digital infrastructure research and big data support of Wenchuan, it launched brain imitating Chinese AI technology "Feilong code" (computers can understand Chinese), providing Chinese AI brain imitating technical support for artificial intelligence operating system (ai-os).
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