Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is critical to the long-term trust Culturecom has built with the general public. Our Shareholders are vital, and so is our obligation to all stakeholders.

Culturecom was one of the original founding members of the Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation Limited, founded in 1999. As an Executive committee member, our role and ambition is to:
  1. Unite the comics industry and promote the comic culture.
  2. Strengthen the positive awareness of the community members on comics.
  3. Linked around the world comics industry.
  4. Nurturing local comic’s talent.

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Comic Syllabus

The Hong Kong government has encouraged the growth of the creative industry – allowing the comics industry in particular to become one of the key development schemes.

We believe in the emphasis of education as it is central to the development of every community. In 2009, our commitment can be reflected in the launch of two courses within the Open University of Hong Kong:

DA015 Professional Diploma in Commercial Comic Art (Level 4)

CA002 Professional Certificate in Commercial Comic Art (Level 4)

Both courses are designed to provide professional training for those who possess strong aspirations to land a career within the comic, animation or game industry. The objective is so that students are not just able to use various techniques in their artwork but also demonstrating critical thinking and aesthetic illustrations within their comic creations. By combining these aspects it encourages young people to become conscious of their full potential.

Upon completion of either course, a certificate of “Business Comics Profession” will be awarded.

With students from across the globe enrolling each year, our mission to shape Hong Kong into a hub of creativity that has never been more gratifying. We believe in the best interest of the community to nurture and discover hidden talents amongst our students.

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